Breda AR City Tour

Citymarketing Breda

Together with Citymarketing Breda, we launched the Worlds First Augmented Reality City Tour for iOS and Android. The app is created to enrich the visitors experience when visiting the city of Breda. Due to its rich history, AR gives visitors a deeper view into this history.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is powered by ARkit and ARcore. Users can navigate the city by selecting an AR hotspots (8 available AR hotspots). The app will bring you to the AR hotspot and notify you when you are nearby. Once the user opens the AR feature they either scan an object like a wall or statue, or the AR animation can be started by tapping on the screen and placing an object on the floor. When this is done, the AR animation will start and a voice-over will tell the user what can be seen together with a short story about the history of that spot.

Amongst the AR experiences are a look behind a wall at the Begijnhof, a story about an escaping prisoner, a story about a ship entering and trying to capture the city, a look under the church floor into the tombs and more.