CapitolaVR is an Amsterdam based VR, AR & MR design and development agency. Our goal is to create highly immersive experiences for a wide variety of purposes.

We are a front runner in concept, design and development for VR, AR and MR experiences, apps and tools. From storytelling to simulations, our team of 25 designers and developers are continuously working on exploring the boundaries and challenges from Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality. Check out our dedicated Social AR agency here.

VR/AR Experiences

Apple’s ARkit and Android’s ARcore offer a whole new spectrum of Augmented Reality opportunities for a huge audience. As the software is implemented in the operating systems of users smartphones, apps and tools can now be developed without the need of external markers. It is now much easier to implement Snapchat like interactions or create a whole new augmented reality experience for your target audience only with the use of their smartphone camera.

With VR we can virtually re-create any environment, situation or space and make it highly interactive.
This can be done by 3D modelling and animation combined with 360º photo or video. By adding specific controls and creating a storyline which guides the user through a series of actions, basically any training or simulation can be realised and brought to the user without leaving their office or home.

VR/AR Marketing

As the VR and AR markets are growing rapidly and being adopted by consumers more and more, advertisers are trying to see how this new media fits in their marketing strategy. Both VR and AR are extremely interesting as brands can realise a high engagement level with their audience. The challenge is to see how to make it relevant to your brands product or service. There is a wide variety of possibilities and with our experience we can both assist on concept and strategy as design & develop the actual experience.

VR/AR Gaming

Since 2016 the market of VR devices is growing rapidly followed by AR devices like Microsoft HoloLens. At CapitolaVR we exactly know how to capture the gaming audience in a dynamic way. We design & develop gaming experiences for both VR and AR and have a long track record of successful games. Games we created are published successfully on platforms like SteamVR, Oculus (Rift and GearVR), mobile VR experiences for iOS and Android but also for the Microsoft HoloLens app store.

VR/360º Video

Creating successful video content for a virtual reality experience or immerse your audience through Facebook 360, YouTube 360, Vimeo 360 and other suitable platforms needs a very specific expertise. How do you keep your audience focussed on the right spot? How can you make sure your user doesn’t get motion sickness. Do I need to work with stereoscopic or monoscopic? Is it possible to live stream my content? With our experience in filming for either web 360 of actual VR we can help you creating the experience that fits your needs.